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Week 1

Kick-off your career

Things you should know at the very beginning of your UX Design career, and some recommended resources from us to start your first week.

Week 2

Creating your network

Tips on networking and building relationships. We include design events, favourite design communities, LinkedIn tips, and Facebook groups.

Week 3

Start learning

Start learning or further develop your knowledge in UX Design by completing these free or paid courses and bootcamps.

Week 4

Stay up-to-date

Blogs, newsletters, and articles to help you navigate this fast-paced, ever-changing discipline.

Week 5

Know your tools

A collection of industry-standard design and research tools to learn and use in your projects.

Week 6

Find a mentor

Guidance on how to recognize and find a good mentor to support your design career journey.

Week 7

Get experience

Resources to help you gain real-world experience and design challenges you can add to your portfolio.

Week 8

Build your portfolio

Inspiration, tips, tools, and portfolio reviews to help you build yours.

Week 9

Revamp your resume

Articles and resume examples to help you land an interview.

Week 10

Land a job

We share an extensive guide on job-hunting, articles with strategies and tips, and some job boards.

Week 11

Keep learning

When looking for a job, you need to keep learning and developing your skills. We’ve put together a list of books, YouTube channels, and podcast recommendations to support your learning.

Week 12

Go beyond UX

There are so many terms in the market right now: UX, UI, IxD, CX etc. But what does what? Which one to choose? We talk about that, business, project management, and more.

Week 13

Personal brand

Resources to define and grow your personal brand to reach your professional goals.

From week 14, onwards

Be in the now

You’ll receive resources on updated content from the previous weeks and more. Knowledge is power.

About us

Our goal is to support anyone thinking about a career change or actively transitioning into UX Design. We do this by providing weekly insightful resources for every stage of this process.

We've been through this transition and we know the struggle. Doing your research before changing careers is an inevitable and necessary process, and for the time being, we all need a hand.

Design Journey seeks to be a guidebook for inspiring UX Designers and a go-to resource for mentors to help their mentees.

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Edel Buggy

UX Designer | Customer Specialist
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